Supporting Organisations


CBM is the leading trade association for all UK manufacturers of fasteners, forgings, pressings and fabrications, offering both  business support and representation at the highest level for the metal forming industry. 


The Club Laser et Procédés (CLP) is the French association of industrial laser users. It regroups a hundred members and gathers  French key players in laser material processing, from both academia and industry, such as technologies providers and end-users.  The CLP is in charge of the information dissemination related to both laser technologies and industrial laser processing, as well as  the coordination of the French laser network.


EPIC is working with industries, universities, and the European Commission to build a more competitive photonics industrial sector  in the European economic area, capable of both economic and technological growth in a highly competitive world-wide  marketplace.


For over 140 years the IET has been inspiring, informing and influencing the global engineering community, supporting technology  innovation to meet the needs of society. With the complexity and diversity of the engineering world the role of the IET is more  relevant now than it ever has been.


The Optical Group is made up of 1000 members from academia and industry. The Optical Group is run by a committee of around 12  people. If you are interested in joining the committee or would like to know more about the optical group then please contact a  member of the committee. We meet about three times per year normally January, May and September.


Membership of the Quantum Electronics and Photonics Group is drawn equally from education, government and industry. As well as  running its own programme of meetings and conferences, the Group maintains close contact with the Institution of Electrical  Engineers' Optical Technology and Applications Group, The Royal Society of Chemistry and the Quantum Electronics Division of  the European Physical Society.


The Laser Institute of America (LIA) is the professional society for laser applications and safety. Our mission is to foster lasers, laser  applications, and laser safety worldwide. Serving the industrial, medical, research and government communities for over 40 years,  LIA offers technical information, training and networking opportunities to laser users from around the globe.


The Manufacturing Technologies Association is a trade association for companies working in the engineering-based manufacturing  sector. Many of its members are involved in the construction and supply of manufacturing technology. Other members deploy  these technologies, and some are involved in providing services to the industry. The key activities of the MTA are: Representing  engineering based manufacturing and supporting the advanced engineering sector through advocacy, media contact and  networking; providing relevant and specific industry intelligence; encouraging talent through funding and support for workplace  training and education initiatives; and delivering the UK's only major exhibition focused on manufacturing technologies – MACH  (owned and organised by the MTA)


The South of England Photonics Network has been established to represent over 200 organisations active in photonics in the South  East and South West of England. With the highest density of photonics companies in the UK and some of the world's leading  academic institutes, the area is an international hub of creativity in the application of light in its many forms to a vast range of  applications. We aim to increase awareness of our local photonics capability, help leverage our collective knowledge and uncover  more applications making it easier for organisations to develop new products and access this key enabling technology.


The KTN is the UK's innovation network. We bring together businesses, entrepreneurs, academics and funders to develop new  products, processes and services. We can help you develop ideas, expertise and technologies, that have the potential to be  world-beating products processes and services. Central to what we do is the initiation and building of collaborations.


The EPSRC Innovative Manufacturing Centre in Laser-based Production Processes aims to support an increased uptake of laser-based manufacturing through a wide-ranging programme of coordinated research and network building activities. These activities enable significant business growth opportunities, stimulating the broader UK community, providing leadership in the development of UK public policy, providing access to infrastructure for SMEs, and education and training for industry.


SPIE Europe serves SPIE constituents as an advocate and liaison to political and industry associations within the European optics  and photonics community. SPIE Europe also sponsors and organises world-class technical events throughout Europe. Since its establishment in 2001, the SPIE Europe office has been delivering news and public policy information, providing  registration services and membership account management, recruiting services, event management, and more, to professionals  and organisations in European time zones.


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The International Year of Light is a global initiative which will highlight to the citizens of the world the importance of light and optical technologies in their lives, for their futures, and for the development of society. It is an unique opportunity to inspire, educate, and connect on a global scale.