Attending ILAS 2015

Is this conference for me?
If you are involved or interested in lasers technology and applications in industrial materials processing then the answer is almost certainly 'yes'. For further information see here.

Is ILAS relevant for industrial users of lasers as well as academics?
Yes. ILAS is about advances in the understanding and application of industrial laser processing. As a consequence development teams in research establishments and universities generate many of the papers. That does not mean that there is not an intense industrial focus. Many of the papers are about processes that are in production or will be soon.

Do speakers have to pay to register and pay the conference fee?
Yes. All speakers, including keynote speakers, have to register and pay.

Abstracts and manuscripts

Why is AILU working with SPIE to produce proceedings?
(i) For many presenters the opportunity to produce a formal refereed paper in conference proceedings and adding it to their publication list is a major attraction; (ii) The Proceedings will provide a lasting record; and (iii) Having SPIE produce them means that the proceedings will be strongly linked to the relevant technical and academic databases and search engines, thereby giving maximum visibility to the authors’ work.

Do I have to submit a paper for the Proceedings?
No. The inclusion of your presentation in the conference programme is determined only by the title and abstract that you submit (see here for more information). You are encouraged to produce a paper but it is not a requirement.

Why is there a requirement for Proceedings’ papers to be approximately 4 pages in length?
The length requirement of approximately 4-pages is to ensure a minimum standard for all SPIE proceedings. It does not have to be all text: a significant amount can be taken up by figures.

When submitting an abstract title on the SPIE Online Submission System, why am I asked for details of my education?
This question is built into the SPIE OSS. For non-academics an option is to select ‘not a student’ and to ignore the questions regarding degrees.

When submitting my abstract, one of questions was “What prompted you to make a submission to this conference?” but I couldn’t find any of the options on the pull down list that fitted.
One of the options is ‘Participant in last year’s meeting’: we will interpret this as ‘a previous AILU event’.

Who do I contact at SPIE regarding problems with my abstract/ manuscript submission?
Our assigned Proceedings Coordinator at SPIE is David Maguire (E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).