Exhibitors at ILAS 2015 - The Grange

 aerotech logo

Aerotech serves the unique requirements of laser processing and laser machining applications by manufacturing high-performance systems and components for laser cutting, laser marking, laser welding (including seam welding and hermetic seam welding), laser etching, and other laser machining and laser micromachining applications. Aerotech developments in the areas of mechanics, controls, software, and laser control have provided end users, systems integrators, and OEMs with the best possible laser systems available today.


Leadership in this industry has led to the development of advanced laser cutting and laser marking features such as Position Synchronized Output (PSO) for precise laser registration, hard-cover sealed stage designs for long life and low maintenance, and sophisticated plotting and diagnostic utilities that enable the rapid debugging of process and motion parameters. New developments also include the ability to seamlessly integrate PLC and vision capabilities with motion to provide the most comprehensive automation solutions for your needs.


We offer complete solutions for 2D, 2.5D, and 3D laser cutting, laser welding, and other laser machining applications. Aerotech can supply a precision aligned, multi-axis, articulated system with micron-level rotary axis of intersection and arc-second orthogonality between axes.


      ALE logo

Applied Laser Engineering Ltd formed in 1990 is the World leader in the design and manufacture of Laser Engraving Systems used to engrave high resolution 2 and 3D graphics into the surface of cylindrical and flat substrates for use in various printing, texturing, security and embossing applications.


All of our machinery is supplied from West Molesey to a Worldwide customer base with 95% of our business being exported. Design, development, production, testing and sales are all carried out in-house.

Our range of Laser Engraving Systems are special purpose machinery involving a high precision machine bed integrated with novel mechanisms and optical instrumentation together with specialised electronic, optical, computerised and laser equipment.


Machines range from 0.6m-6m roller length capability and up to 1m diameter. Laser type and wavelength is application or material specific. Materials processed include metals, ceramics, rubber, natural and synthetic polymers. Engraving systems for ceramic anilox are a speciality and we are constantly developing our range of products to increase productivity, reduce production costs and to meet specific customer driven requirements.


 Amplitude Syst LOGO

Amplitude Systemes, located near Bordeaux, France, are world leaders in manufacturing industrial grade femtosecond lasers for high precision and demanding applications such as materials processing, laser engraving and medical applications.

Amplitude Systemes' product range consists of picosecond and femtosecond lasers, continuously improved to offer the highest optical performance in their class. Amplitude prides itself on its ability to deliver consistently high quality laser systems unmatched in reliability, robustness, specification and compact footprint. It is the only company offering both crystal based lasers and fiber based lasers for the industry. Amplitude's state-of-the-art technology results in a range of reliable, easy to use, 24/7 operations ultrafast lasers, designed for industrial and scientific applications.

Amplitude Systemes' continued success is due to their ability to combine high quality manufacturing processes with an aggressive R&D strategy; this has consistently and successfully allowed strong customer partnerships and the delivery of the advanced solutions to the most demanding applications.


 BOFA Logo on Black

BOFA is a multi award-winning fume extraction and filtration solutions provider, widely acknowledged as the industry's number one and the world leader.
With a range of class-leading products BOFA's solutions are tried, tested and trusted as the first choice for all sizes of businesses, from global market leaders to niche production in a wide cross-section of industries. As well as laser engraving, coding and marking, other sectors include electronics, printing, pharmaceutical, laboratories, dental and beauty in addition to solutions for many manufacturing processes where high efficiency extraction is demanded for optimum people and production performance.

BOFA has been established for nearly 30 years and constantly invests in people and systems, with an established and growing technical team that includes a dedicated research and development resource plus technical support, servicing and LEV testing.

The team is renowned for pioneering technologies that lead the way in fume extraction and affordable but highly efficient ways to keep the world working. Developments include the acclaimed and Patent-protected iQ Operating System which combines sophisticated technology for enhanced productivity while delivering lower lifetime ownership costs. BOFA's laser range includes a comprehensive collection of high performance models, from compact units up to high power models for large laser applications.


 Brinell logo

Brinell Vision is an innovative UK manufacturer providing customer focussed optical solutions for laser protection, display and instrumentation.

Products – Night vision and daylight readable coatings, high clarity EMC shielding (Brinell K-AR), Laser Protection and optical filters including Brinell CNG-532nm green laser protection technology, RAYAG Laser protection – Ruby/YAG combiner. Laser safety - eyewear, windows and curtains.

Business Area - Medical and industrial laser, military, security, instrumentation, microscopy, R&D.


 Coherent logo

Coherent was founded 1966 and is one of the leading manufacturer of laser technology. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA USA it employs more than 2.500 employees at 12 manufacturing sites in North America, Europe and Asia.

Coherent differentiates from other laser manufacturers by offering the broadest product portfolio available. It includes laser technology from ultraviolet to far infrared wavelength, from femto-second pulse length to continuous wave radiation and from a few milli-watt to multiple kilowatt in power.


Coherent is active in the following markets and applications:

  • Microelectronics e.g. Flat Panel Display, PC-Board, Semiconductor and Photovoltaic Manufacturing
  • Material Processing e.g. Cutting, Welding, Marking and Engraving, Cladding, Heat Treating and Rapid Prototyping
  • Scientific e.g. Multi-photon Microscopy and Spectroscopy
  • OEM & Instrumentation e.g. Cytometry, Microscopy, DNA Sequencing, Refractive Surgery

Coherent key technologies are:

  • CO2 Lasers
  • Excimer Lasers
  • Fiber Lasers
  • High Power Diode Lasers
  • Laser Machining Tools
  • UV Optical Systems
  • Diode Lasers
  • Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers
  • Optically Pumped Semiconductor Lasers
  • Ultra Short Pulse Laser s
  • Laser Diagnostic and Measurement


 Hamamatsu Logo

Hamamatsu Photonics is a world-leading manufacturer of optoelectronic components and systems. The Company's corporate philosophy stresses the advancement of photonics through extensive research and yields products that are regarded as state-of-the-art. All products are designed to cover the entire optical spectrum and provide solutions for a wide variety of applications including analytical, industrial and medical instrumentation.

At the meeting, we will be presenting our Liquid Crystal on Silicon spatial light modulator (LCOS-SLM), the X10468. This compact system features high light utilization efficiencies (95%), high diffraction efficiencies close to theoretical maximum values and high precision phase modulation control with excellent linearity providing industry leading performance.

Applications for the LCOS-SLM include laser material and micro-processing, optical manipulation (holographic optical tweezers), pulse shaping, laser beam steering, optical testing, astronomy and many more. OEM modules are also available.

Also on show, our latest range of MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) Mirrors which allow for the design of more compact instrumentation and open exciting new application areas along with our range of high power laser diodes and Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs).

We look forward to meeting you at ILAS 2015.


 II VI logo

II-VI Infrared is renowned for providing the world's best CO2 laser optics. II-VI now offers optics for use in one micron laser systems (Fiber, Yag and Disk). Fabricated from fused silica or ZnS(MS) II-VI one micron optics can be used at both low power and in multi kilowatt systems. More industrial laser OEM's use optics from II-VI than from anyone else.

Building on over 40 years of experience working with high power laser optics II-VI and materials II-VI now offers Fiberlight laser cutting heads for use with 1μm laser cutting systems up to 2kW.

The FiberLight S and FiberLight 90 have a sleek, modular design which allows II-VI to provide the user with the ideal cutting solution. The FiberLight is capable of processing a variety of materials and thicknesses and supports both inert and active gas types. The FiberLight achieves the perfect balance between superior performance and cost to the end user.

Key Fiberlight features include.

  • Most compact and versatile head design in its class.
  • Optional height sensor electronics.
  • Available with a straight design or a 90° turning option.
  • 10mm Focus Adjustment range.
  • Modular design allows user to select from 5 different magnifications to achieve the optimal spot size.
  • Custom mounting plate available upon request.
  • Quick Cover Slide exchange drawer.

II-VI will be exhibiting a range of Fiberlight cutting heads at the ILAS 2015 conference.


 Laser Lines logo

Laser Lines was founded in 1975 and is one of the leading suppliers of lasers, 3D printers and additive manufacturing systems. We supply laser technology for a range of processes such as fine cutting, welding, drilling, micro-machining, cladding and marking. High process speeds, precision and flexibility are characteristics of laser materials processing.

Highlights of our range include Synrad sealed CO2 lasers of 10W to 400W power, Datalogic laser marking systems using DPSS, fiber and CO2 laser technologies, Laserline high power diode systems to 40kW, OR Laser pulsed YAG welding workstations, and laser micro-machining systems from Optec. We also supply beam delivery solutions including conventional process heads and galvanometer scanning systems. On the diagnostics side, we supply everything you need to measure your laser, including power and energy meters, beam profilers, and IR viewers.


Laser Lines is based in a purpose built 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Banbury, Oxfordshire. We have several fully equipped laboratories enabling us to carry out demonstrations, testing and materials processing trials. With this capability we are able to perform feasibility trials on your material to determine if your application is compatible with a laser processing solution. Samples are returned in a timely manner complete with an applications report and recommendation. Our experienced support team offer applications engineering, training, installation, maintenance and repair services for all our products.


 Laser micromachining logo

Laser Micromachining Ltd. (LML) supplies precision laser manufacturing services combining fast turnaround with high quality results in all materials. This offering allows complex product designs to be evaluated in a simple and efficient manner, enabling shorter development times and a cost-effective route to market. LML has extensive experience in micro-fabrication processes and has the widest range of precision laser micromachining tools in the UK within it's state-of-the-art facilities. LML's services range from providing one-off proof-of-concept parts through to small batch runs and high-volume manufacturing.


 Lasermet logo

Lasermet is the leading designer and manufacturer of laser safety systems and equipment, maintaining its position at the forefront of laser safety technology held since 1987.

Lasermet's, modular, rapid-build, passive laser safety cabins, called Laser Castle are fully equipped with the ICS-6 Interlock Controller (certified to performance level 'e') to contain high powered lasers. For even higher powers – over 5kW – the Laser Castle can be upgraded to the Laser Jailer active laser guarding system, which isolates the laser safety input in less than 50ms.

Recently launched in 2014 are the Glaser Jailer – active laser safety window for laser cabins and the Active Laser Faceguard (ALF) which provides personal protection for 1kW hand held laser cutting torches using the same patented active laser guarding technology.

Lasermet designs, manufactures, installs and certifies an extensive range of laser safety equipment and systems; from dual–channel interlock controllers, dual colour dual message LED signs, to laser shutters, modular enclosures, laser blocking screens, curtains and roller blinds; laser power meters and laser safety software. Lasermet provides eyewear, and services including laser and LED testing, power meter calibration, FDA/CDRH reports, training, laser safety audits and more as a UKAS accredited test house.


 Laser Trader col

Laser Trader is the UK & Ireland distributor for both Precitec GmbH & Co. KG and Primes GmbH. Precitec is a world renown specialist supplier of highly sophisticated laser systems for material processing. Processing heads are available for all types of laser source CO2, Nd:YAG, fiber, disk and diode lasers. In addition to this Precitec supply online process monitoring systems for monitoring laser welding processes.


PRIMES has over 20 years experience in the development of diagnostic solutions for laser technology. Their focus lies on measuring devices for the characterization of CO2, solid state, fiber and diode lasers used for material processing and scientific applications. The applications range from micro processing to heavy industry.


Laser Trader can supply lenses, mirrors and laser consumables for most makes of laser system. We have a well stocked engineering stores with most parts available for next day delivery. We now also stock end stage tubes on which we offer same day delivery to many locations in the UK.

 photonic solutions logo

We provide world leading photonic products backed up with the highest quality service support. We are the exclusive distributor for over 20 of the world's premier manufacturers of scientific and industrial grade lasers, spectrometers, detectors and are regarded as Europe’s leading supplier of equipment to the photonics market. Our product portfolio is extensive and includes:- Nd:YAG, Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS), Dye, OPO, NOPA, OPCPA, Diode, Ultra-fast, Fibre, Microchip, HeNe, HeCd, Argon ion, Nitrogen and Excimer lasers, optics, dyes, instrumentation, diagnostics and laser safety equipment.

 Powerlase Logo

Powerlase Photonics Ltd is an innovative, independent high power laser manufacturer. Based in West Sussex, our focus is on powerful high energy Q-switched Diode Pumped Solid State lasers.

We have accelerated the introduction of high power lasers into a variety of applications worldwide, primarily in the materials processing, marking, annealing and cleaning markets. Customer-focused, with an in-depth knowledge of engineering, Powerlase Photonics Ltd benefits from significant experience in designing and developing state-of-the-art solutions for AMOLED displays, machine tools, automotive and numerous other industries.

Product innovation and design at Powerlase Photonics is driven purely by customer requirements. Close working relationships are maintained with all existing and potential future customers in order to gain insight into current and future needs.

Powerlase Photonics' research and development teams examine customer requirements and develop products to match specific industrial application or process. Our experienced technical team possess the skills and knowledge to transform the customer needs into highly anticipated and innovative products.


 pyramid logo

Pyramid Engineering services company Ltd have for many years been involved in the manufacture of a variety of welding and encapsulation systems for a variety of semiconductors, and Since the advent of laser systems these have been mainly utilised in the manufacturing process, although by no means exclusively so.


Pyramid have designed and manufactured welder laser systems since 1993. and as Pyramid are not Laser manufacturers, our customers have the freedom to select the Laser of their choice. As an example a recently a manufactured system employed a laser welding control XYZ&θ positioning system with CNC PC based computer controller, using interface and four axis closed loop servo drive system etc. Examples of our range of equipment can be seen on our website.


 SPI Logo

SPI Lasers is a leading designer and manufacturer of Fiber Lasers. Welding, cutting, marking and micro-machining operations can be carried out faster and more accurately with an SPI Laser for better reliability, less waste and improved productivity.

Our Lasers solve manufacturing problems; move the boundaries of what is possible, make good products better and enable new designs. Low-moded or single-moded lasers in either pulsed or CW product types can be optimised for welding, marking and joining of metal, glass and plastic components.
Our product portfolio covers countless application process areas across a wide range of industries including automotive, electronics and the medical device sectors.

SPI Lasers sells its products globally, and has its major business operations, including research and development, and manufacturing, in the United Kingdom, with additional sales and customer support locations in Asia and North America.

 tec systems logo

Tec Systems provide Automation and Laser Systems for a wide range of industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, electronics, plastics, food, pharmaceutical and many more. From small stand alone cells up to full turnkey systems.

Standard Laser Cells
Tec Systems with its Hyperion range can offer standard laser cells to suit a wide range of production requirements. The modular build platform of these cells allows a standard product to be configured to suit the customer's specific needs. Typically the Hyperion range of cells are used for the processing of metals, plastics, fabrics (trim), composites and ceramics/glass. Typical processes would include cutting, drilling, welding, ablation, cleaning and cladding (deposition).

Bespoke Laser Systems
Tec Systems are a market leader in the supply of full turnkey laser systems to both industry and the research sectors. Typical solutions provided by Tec would include the integration of the laser equipment into a cell incorporating the required automation, component tooling and manipulators, full guarding to comply with current legislation (active or passive), chiller units and extraction when necessary.

Previous experience includes the integration of ND:Yag, CO2, Eximer, Diode and Fibre lasers from 20W to 20,000W.


 trumpf logo

TRUMPF is a leading global high-technology company and produces machine tools, industrial lasers and laser systems and electronics for industrial applications. Our technologies are used in the manufacture of the most diverse products, from vehicles, building technology and mobile devices to state-of-the-art power and data storage. As an independent, family-owned company we think and act long-term, and this is why we have been a guarantor of innovations for many decades. In fiscal year 2013/14 the company – which has approximately 11,000 employees – achieved sales of 2.59 billion Euros.

TRUMPF Limited is the UK subsidiary of the TRUMPF Group. The company based in Luton, Bedfordshire was founded in 1974 and celebrated their 40 years business anniversary in March 2014. The UK headquarters is equipped with a fully operational showroom and spacious training facilities for operator, maintenance and programming training. TRUMPF Limited also provides their own software products, pre-owned machines, financing solutions, technical service as well as tooling and spare parts management to optimally support customers throughout the UK. The annual Open House event in March gives interested companies the opportunity to see the latest innovations in technology and related services.