Event Focus

ILAS 2015 focuses on activities at the interface between industrial implementation and laser technology and applications research and development. It will provide delegates with key information and networking opportunities through which, for example: researchers can make valuable industrial contacts; potential end users can identify new opportunities for lasers in manufacturing; and existing laser users can achieve additional functionality in laser manufactures products and greater cost effectiveness. Staying abreast of the developments in Laser Materials Processing and other key enabling technologies is essential for manufacturers if they are to maintain a competitive edge in the international market.

In 2015 we are catering for over 200 delegates from the international community of researchers and industrialists. On offer is a full programme including:

  • Latest technology and application developments
  • Research and business opportunities
  • Exhibition of products and services
  • Excellent networking opportunities throughout!

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The ILAS 2015 presentations will address aspects of the following key areas:

  • State-of-the-art in Laser Materials Processing (LMP) ranging from those processes already well established in industry through to new developments in support of advances in 21st Century manufacturing.
  • LMP applications, from sub-micro to macro-scale, including collaborative research projects.
  • State-of-the-art in laser sources and systems including laser beam modification and control, machine hardware and software, and auxiliary equipment.
  • Market forecasts, funding opportunities, support for R&D, business improvement, support for manufacturing, marketing and business models, review of collaborative research programmes.

 The main areas will be introduced by internationally recognised keynote speakers.

ILAS 2015 sees the involvement of SPIE in the publication of ILAS Proceedings for the first time. It provides anyone who makes a presentation with the opportunity to have a paper in the SPIE Proceedings, with all the visibility that this will bring you and your organisation through broad dissemination by SPIE. Moreover, papers in the Proceedings are peer reviewed and therefore count as academic output.

Who should attend?

ILAS 2015 primarily addresses the needs of industrial and academic researchers in the field of process and application developments in the manufacturing sector. As such it should be of great benefit to:

  • Senior managers, engineers and designers from all sections of manufacturing industry
  • UK researchers in academia and industry
  • Practitioners of laser materials processing and associated technologies at all levels of experience
  • Those providing products and/or services to the laser user community

Opportunities abound to learn, to present work, meet others who share similar interests; to enquire about jobs and products and services for sale; to market products and services; and generally to network with the wider laser materials processing community, a community with interests in the application of lasers in sectors ranging from jewellery to aerospace and from microelectronics to automotive.